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ABM Consultancy aim to provide more than just information and accountancy solutions. We intend to provide quality information that is customized to the needs and assisting clients on how best to use the available information. By employing our services, our clients are assured of advisors dedicated to finding the right solution for their business and enabling them to benefit long after we have finished our work.
We have the right people in the right place at the right time to help you move forward. We don’t just intend to provide the accounting solution, but to market and sell customized information and quality solutions.
We aim to maintain financial balance, charging a competitive and realistic value for our services, and delivering an even higher value to its clients. Our expertise lies in the ability to listen to a business owner and perceive their vision for their company over the next few years.

Accounting Services

We specialize in providing accountancy services to sole trader, partners, Contractors, Sub-contractors, small to medium sized companies and individuals at affordable low cost. We can take the pressure of you by covering all your business needs and Tax affairs

Business Services

By employing our services, our clients are assured of consultants dedicated to finding the right solution for their business and enabling them to benefit long after we have finished our work.

Business Booster Package

Optimize your New/Existing Business with our Business Booster Package. Whether you are looking to start a new business or developing an existing one, we can provide a one-stop shop for all your business needs.

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What We Do

One Stop cost-effective solution for all your Accountancy & Business needs under the guidance of professional and certified Accounts.

ABM Consultancy not only saves you time, money and energy by managing your tax affairs but also help you to grow your business. The priority of any business is to generate income by focusing on the operations of business, doing the paperwork and looking after tax matters would have negative effect on your business. We advise you on the most effective use of tax matters and business structure for your business. We can advise you on paying dividends or taking wages or the best combination of both with tax savings. ABM Consultancy can prepare your company year-end accounts, prepare abbreviated company accounts where appropriate, sort out your personal tax return, prepare corporation tax computations and Returns, VAT calculation submissions, correspondence with HM Revenue and Customs by acting as an agent, deal with Companies House and sort your payroll.

  • Advise you on startup and expanding your business after analyzing your resources and the industry you are working in
  • Register and name your business
  • produce Annual Business plan for your Business
  • Look after your Tax affairs with HMRC and company house
  • Prepare Limited companies’ Year-End Accounts
  • Book keeping and Bank reconciliation
  • Prepare Abbreviated company accounts
  • Self assessment for Directors and sole traders
  • Compute and submit corporation tax for Limited Companies
  • Dealing With HMRC and Companies House
  • Administer payroll, Generate Pay slips and Real Time submission fillings with HMRC
  • VAT analysis and Quarterly submission to HMRC
  • Work out Capital Gain Tax
  • Advise on Business, Tax and Accounatncy matters
  • Business Development advise
  • Give your Business online presence by providing you with the website ,web hosting ,web development and personalize emails